Fr. Elias Appointed ICBE President

Posted December 4, 2013

At the recent international gathering of Benedictine and Cistercian schools, October 24-27, 2013, in Manila, Philippines, Abbot Primate Notker Wolf, O.S.B., after hearing from the members of the International Commission on Benedictine Education (ICBE) and more than 150 assembled delegates at the global conference (BeNET), named Fr. Elias Lorenzo, O.S.B. president of ICBE. The founding president, Fr. Christopher Jamison, O.S.B. of Worth Abbey stepped down after more than 10 years to dedicate himself to his work on vocations for the episcopal conference of England and Wales. Fr. Elias, himself a founding member of ICBE, has held the positions of secretary and treasurer of the commission. In his initial remarks, Fr. Elias invited the assembled delegates to Rome in 2016 for the next international meeting of Benedictine and Cistercian educators .

St. Mary's Abbey-Delbarton were among the Benedictine communities who saw the need for such an organization to bring together educators from the many schools runs by Benedcitine and Cistercian monks and nuns. Unlike the centralized religious orders, those following the Rule of Benedict are autonimous and had no entity for support and mutual exchange. As monastic schools exerience a decrease of monks and nuns involved in their schools, ICBE and BeNET have helped schools create, among other things, formation programs for lay faculty who strive to be imbued with the spirit of St. Benedict. St. Mary's Abbey hosted the international gather in 2005.

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